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X-rings / Quad Rings

Also known as Quad-ring® seals or four lobbed seals, X-rings are available from Novotema in a wide range of elastomer materials to suit any application.

Used in both static and dynamic sealing applications, X-rings can be retrofitted into existing O-ring grooves. The four lobbed design provides twice the sealing sealing surface in comparison to a standard O-Ring, preventing the seal from twisting and rolling and thus avoiding spiral failure often seen when O-rings are used in reciprocating applications.

X-rings can offer a reduction in friction than conventional O-rings and because they need less compression for effective sealing, they are able to obtain a prolonged seal life. X-rings can be manufactured to standard O-ring sizes, as well as custom sizes for specific applications in a number of industries including oil and gas, chemical processing and medical.

How we can help with your X-Ring requirements

Novotema have a team of experienced engineers who can help advise on all aspects of your application from custom part designs to manufacturing capabilities. With decades of experience behind us, we can offer additional engineering services to ensure you receive the most effective sealing solution including:

  • Testing and FEA simulation can be carried out in our laboratory to ensure that your X-Rings can perform efficiently within their application.
  • Surface treatments that can be applied as coatings to meet specific requirements and to add extra resilience to extreme environments.
  • Custom component design and compounds made from our unique range of elastomer materials for applications which require a bespoke solution.

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