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Pneumatic Seals

Novotema engineers have been advising, designing and manufacturing pneumatic elastomer seals for over 40 years. With pneumatic seals designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, you can ensure that our sealing solutions will improve equipment reliability and performance, reduce downtime and lower the cost of ownership for your application.

What are pneumatics?

Pneumatic systems are operated by compressed air or pressurised gas. Commonly referred to as a type of automation control, the air is pulled into a compressor which actuates the pistons and shafts forcing them to move. Inside theses systems are pneumatic seals ensuring there’s no leakage during operation and minimising friction and wear.

Pneumatics are commonly used in many industries including, automotive, medical, packaging, material handling and robotics.

Some examples of products that function on pneumatics systems include:

  • Air brakes on buses or trucks
  • Exercise machines
  • Handheld jackhammers
  • Assembly lines


Novotema manufactures high-quality o-rings for many different pneumatic and actuator sealing applications in both standard and custom sizes, from 1mm to 450mm internal diameter and 0.6mm to 12mm cross-section.

Diaphragms and membranes

With an infinite amount of sizes available, membranes and diaphragms are typically used in pneumatic control valves and actuators. They are manufactured to very tight tolerances with the appropriate materials to withstand a homogeneous compounding process with considerations such as chemical media, pressure/ vacuum, mechanical requirements and lifetime parameters.

Elastomer materials for pneumatic applications

Novotema’s access to a wide range of elastomer compounds ensures that the finished product meets the application requirements, including conformance to industry-specific standards.

What industries use pneumatics and actuators?

Novotema has a wealth of experience delivering sealing solutions to a diverse range of industries. With experts involved with many industries and a deep understanding of the unique challenges involved, Novotema can advise and supply pneumatic sealing solutions for the following industries:

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Pneumatic Sealing Products

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