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O-rings are the most commonly used sealing component in the world and are present in a variety of applications across a range of global industries. Novotema manufactures quality, high-performance O-rings made using the latest injection and compression moulding techniques.

We specialise in standard and custom O-ring requirements, so you can rest assured that your application needs will be met exactly throughout each stage, from engineering consultancy through to component design and testing. We’ve provided sealing solutions for numerous applications, within various industries, including food/dairy and medical.

Manufacturing quantities range from 5000 up to the millions and are available in standard O-ring sizes or custom sizes, from 1mm to 450mm internal diameter and 0.6mm to 12mm cross section.

Design and material selection assistance
We are one of Italy’s leading O-ring manufacturers and have a well-established team of professional engineers with over 40 years experience. Renowned for our excellent quality, service and engineering support, Novotema sealing experts are always on-hand to offer O-ring sizing advice and material recommendations.

High performance elastomer materials 
O-rings are available in a broad range of elastomer materials to suit any sealing requirement, including high and low temperature, high pressure and aggressive chemical media.  Many material compounds have been tested and certified to specific industry standards including:-

FDA: Food and Drug Administration food contact seals
3A 18-03:  Sanitary Standards for dairy applications
USP Class VI: United States Pharmacopeia USP 26, NF21, 2003 Class VI (pharmaceutical and bio-technology)
NORSOK M710: Explosive decompression and sour gas test standards
NACE: Explosive decompression and sour gas test standards
TOTAL GS PVV 142: Explosive decompression testing procedure for elastomer seals
EN549: Approved seals and diaphragms for gas appliances

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