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Lip Seals / V-Rings

The purpose of lip seals and V-rings is to exclude contaminants whilst retaining lubricants in the application. These types of seals and rings are often used in a variety of slow and fast moving cylinders and applications.

Through our engineering consultancy approach we apply our knowledge and understanding of elastomer materials and behaviours, and combine it with the right geometry, this results in lip seals that demonstrate a reduction in contact pressure, which reduces friction and wear.  Specialist surface treatments, such as PTFE, can be applied to the sealing surface to achieve a further reduction in friction and wear.

How to select a lip seal and V-ring

When selecting a sealing solution various factors must be taken into account from operating temperature, right through to the chemical media. Other key considerations are pressure, stroke length and the industry the application is operating in. For example, elastomer seals operating in the food & dairy industry must comply with FDA, 3A 18-03 and WRAS  requirements.

Do you need to replace your lip seal/V-ring?

Maintaining functional lip seals and v-rings starts with selecting the correct elastomer material in the beginning, however, even if this has been done, there are some common signs that the gasket needs replacing. Common signs are: 

  • Cracked or deterioration on the elastomer
  • Seal damage
  • Excessive temperatures will require more regular replacements
  • Contamination and leakage around the seal
Custom lip seals

Novotema works in close collaboration with customers to design and develop application-specific lip seals. When a standard lip seal is not the best option, a custom, no-compromise solution can be provided to deliver optimum performance and extended life-time. A thorough understanding of elastomer behaviour enables Novotema to select the best material for every application. 

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