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Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic seals are used within a hydraulic cylinder to contain fluid and maintain hydraulic pressure, allowing fluid power to be converted to linear motion. Hydraulic systems are very similar to pneumatic systems in function. The main difference being that hydraulics are powered by fluid and pneumatics are powered by gasses. 

Novotema has been advising, designing, and manufacturing hydraulic seals for over 40 years. As technology has become more advanced, so has the demand for high-quality sealing solutions in many different industries which require hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic Seal Types

There are different types of seal used in a hydraulic system, the most common being O-rings, lip seals (also known as V-rings) and wipers seals (scraper seals).

  • Lips seals are typically located in rod and piston grooves to seal the shaft of the piston, they contain the hydraulic fluid and withstand the operating pressure within the cylinder.
  • Scraper seals (also known as a wiper seals) are used to eliminate any contaminants entering the system which may cause significant damage such as premature wear and corrosion.
  • O-rings are used throughout the system as secondary seals in static locations.
  • Frame seals, gaskets and W-seals are used in hydraulic pumps to seal the thrust plate and casing.
Hydraulic Seal Materials

Hydraulic seals can be made from a variety of elastomer materials. The material selection is determined by the specific operating conditions such as cylinder pressure, stroke speed, operating temperature, fluid chemical compatibility and type of application. 

Novotema manufactures hydraulic seals from an extensive range of elastomer materials; including NBR, EPDM, FEPM, FVMQ, FKM, to suit any hydraulic application.

Which industries use hydraulics?

Novotema has a wealth of experience designing and manufacturing hydraulic seals for a diverse range of industries:

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Hydraulic Seals

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