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Q&A with Sales Director: Salvatore De Marco

Q&A with Sales Director: Salvatore De Marco
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Salvatore De MarcoNovotema design and manufacture high performance elastomer seals and components for a wide range of industries, from automotive to medical applications. Behind 40+ years of experience in the elastomer industry, is a team of highly skilled engineers and technical staff that strive to provide the best in class customer service. To get to know the people behind Novotema, the spotlight is shining on our Sales Director – Salvatore De Marco.

Tell us how you got into the industry?

I started my career in the automotive market, where I worked as designer in a large brake systems company. A brake system device has a lot of components, some of these are obviously seals. In a braking system application, seals are important, not only for avoiding leakage but they can also affect the equipment’s performance. Working with elastomers is fascinating because their behaviour is not linear so designing the optimum gasket for a braking system device was a challenge I enjoyed.

After gaining technical experience working as a brake systems designer, I progressed into a Sales Manager role for a company manufacturing shock absorber devices for the automotive market. Four years later in 2015, I was asked to join Novotema as a Technical Department Manager, where I gained extensive knowledge on how different elastomers behave in a range of environments, alongside the testing and analysis of materials. In 2017 I was then asked to head-up the Sales Department as Director.

What brought you to Novotema?

Having gained experience in technical and sales, it was an exciting opportunity for me to join a company that dealt with a wide range of markets, working on diversified applications. Automotive is one of the most important, but we also work on Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Domestic Devices, and Oil & Gas applications.

What does your role as Sales Director entail?

As Sales Director, I oversee the Sales team who take care of existing customers, work on new opportunities and develop new solutions, as well as prospecting for new potential customers in new markets.

A normal day for me involves managing the daily progress of our strategic forecast. I ensure that the status of each project is line with the plan and constantly try to develop our techniques to support customers.

Is there a project you have worked on that you enjoyed?

I have worked on quite a few interesting projects all in different markets, but the one project that stands out for me is when an Industrial Original Equipment Manufacturer asked us for help in finding a sealing solution for a device working in very low temperatures.

There aren’t many elastomers that can work in this extreme environment, so to successfully develop a new elastomer compound, as well as design and engineer a custom seal geometry for the customer – now this was an exciting challenge.

What do you love about your job?

I love working with people from all around the globe, creating new opportunities and innovating products.  It is satisfying for me knowing that all the hard work towards the testing and development of new materials and products provide our customers with the optimum solution and exceed their expectations.

Salvatore De MarcoHow do you spend your free time?

I spend most of my free time with my family, and at weekends we go cycling together.

I have also been playing rugby for 4 years, where I’m part of an “old team” and recently started coaching the youth team in which my children play.

Anything else to add?

I am proud to be part of a highly skilled team that provide unique solutions to companies across Europe, and even though a seal may seem like a simple product, I know they have a significant impact on the application’s success.

If you want to find out more about Novotema and their products, please visit and to keep up to date on the latest news follow the Novotema S.p.A LinkedIn Company page and connect with Salvatore De Marco.

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