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Novotema Celebrate World Pharmacists Day

Novotema Celebrate World Pharmacists Day
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Novotema Celebrate World Pharmacists Day
Novotema Celebrate World Pharmacists Day

Novotema is celebrating with our friends and customers from around the world, as part of World Pharmacists Day.

Set up in 2009 by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), World Pharmacists Day takes place on 25th September and aims to encourage pharmacists to promote the role they play in improving health in every corner of the world.

‘Pharmacists: Your medicines experts’ is the theme of 2018, focusing on the expertise that pharmacists have and put to use every day to ensure better patient health. This expertise is applied through science and research, through educating the next generation, and transforming the needs of patients into services.

So, why is Novotema celebrating this day?

Seals play a vital role in a wide range of pharmaceutical equipment, analytical apparatus and medical devices, as in any situation where fluids and gases are contained or transferred.  

Novotema has many years of experience in the manufacture of high quality sealing components for use in medical and pharmaceutical equipment, using elastomers which are fully compliant with FDA and USP Class VI.

Our skilled engineers design cutting-edge sealing solutions for medical, biotech and life science applications. All these seals are manufactured in an ISO Class 6 (FS 209E Class 1,000) cleanroom, delivering the seal purity levels these critical applications demand.

We showcased our range of life science seals at Medtec 2018, highlighting our comprehensive custom design service for medical technology applications.

How do we help the medical and pharmaceutical industry?

When selecting a medical grade sealing solution, we must consider a variety of factors. These include hardware specifications, process media, temperature, motion, pressures, vacuums and seal life expectations. With elastomer seals specifically, mechanical performance, chemical resistance and low contamination levels are critical for optimum production efficiency.

Novotema’s specialist sealing engineers understand the unique challenges encountered in medical and pharmaceutical applications, offering a suite of services to ensure the most effective and appropriate sealing solution is delivered. These services include:

World Pharmacists Day seeks to emphasise that pharmacists are also a trusted source of knowledge and advice, not only for patients but for other healthcare professionals. Saving human lives depends not only on expertise, but on emerging innovations and developing technology. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical equipment know the stringent demands involved in maintaining equipment accuracy and quality.

For this reason, many sealing engineers would argue that silicone is the preferred material for medical applications. For more information on silicone’s properties, and what makes silicone the preferable choice, read this post.

Developments in science and technology have continued to deepen our understanding of hygiene, sanitation and sterilisation in relation to sealing systems. Novotema has summarised this in an insightful guide on ‘Preventing Contamination with Pharmaceutical Sealing.’

Novotema products for medical applications:

On behalf of everyone at Novotema, we would like to say a big thank you to all the pharmacists across the globe. They improve lives on a daily basis and play a crucial role in ensuring better patient health. We are proud to support them, and other professionals in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, through our high performance elastomer materials.

Contact us to discuss your pharmaceutical sealing requirements. You can also catch us at Medical Technology Ireland in Galway between 26th and 27th September.

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