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Oil & Gas

Around the world, the oil and gas industry is employing new techniques to exploit reserves, this creates complex sealing challenges with a combination of extreme temperatures, high pressures and exposure to aggressive fluids. Novotema boasts a decade of experience in producing high quality products for the oil and gas industry.

Choosing the right elastomer sealing components for equipment used in this industry is critical for safety, reliability and minimal downtime. With a broad knowledge of the oil and gas industry, Novotema can offer professional advice and consultancy on the components and materials required for systems operating in some of the toughest environments.

High performance elastomer materials

Novotema manufactures quality approved components including O-rings, seals and custom moulded rubber components for the the oil and gas industry. These compounds have been tested to industry quality standards such as:

  • NORSOK M710
  • NACE
  • API 6A
  • ISO10423  
  • ISO2336-2

Design & technical support

Novotema’s dedicated R&D engineering team are able to evaluate seals and carry out detailed analytical studies to determine suitability.  We strive to supply the optimal sealing solution - whether you need a current or one-off engineered solution.

If a new component design is required, FEM/FEA analysis can be conducted to simulate the real-life sealing environment and evaluate potential alternatives until the optimal design is identified. Specialist surface treatments can also be added during the finishing process to provide reduced sticking, extended performance and longevity of components.

How can we help?  Contact us to discuss your requirements, or chat with our experts online.

Products for Oil & Gas

Below is a selection of the most common products we supply to the oil & gas industry. Visit the Products page to see the full range.

Elastomer materials

Below is a selection of the most common materials we supply to the oil & gas industry.
Material Code Hardness Operating Temperature Colour Approvals / Certification
EPDM 87 IRHD -50 to 288°C Black NACE
FEPM 75 - 93 IRHD -25 to 250°C Black NORSOK, NACE, TOTAL, API 6A, ISO 23936-2
FFKM 78 - 90 IRHD -46 to 327°C Black NORSOK, NACE, TOTAL, ISO 10423
FKM 75 - 92 IRHD -51 to 225°C Black NORSOK, NACE, TOTAL, API 6A, ISO 10423, ISO 23936-2
HNBR 70 - 89 IRHD -40 to 180°C Black NORSOK, NACE, TOTAL, API 6A
NBR 66 - 90 IRHD -60 to 135°C Black
Oil & Gas elastomer accreditations

Services available

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