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Industrial rubber seals have a diverse range of applications covering hydraulic and pneumatic equipment which present a number of challenging sealing requirements.

We provide a broad range of experience in industrial gaskets and seals for challenging environments for a for a variety of applications, ranging from assembly lines, right through to the aggressive media environment of industrial plant seals.

As industrial devices become increasingly complex, Novotema has become a specialist in the production of industrial gaskets with very small cross-sections and complex geometries.

Materials for industrial applications

Novotema has a broad range of experience to draw on to help provide industrial gaskets and sealing solutions for a variety of applications. Our technical team can assist with custom component design for specific application requirements. Our team can help you identify opportunities for you to enhance the effective operation of your equipment through specialist design and advice on industrial rubber seals.

Novotema offer a wide range of industrial sealing solutions from standard o-rings, right through to custom designed industrial gaskets.

We mould components from a number of high performance materials, and many of these elastomers offer unique properties such as mechanical performance, low and high temperature resistance and high pressure capability.

Other services to meet your application requirements

With decades of experience, our engineers are able to offer additional services to aid in your sealing application. Services include:

  • Surface treatments for additional protection in extreme environments
  • Lab testing and FEA simulation is carried out on our components to emulate the real-life environment that they will be used within
  • Custom component designs made from our range of elastomer materials
  • Contact us to discuss your industrial sealing requirements, alternatively chat with us online.

Products for Industrial Applications

Below is a selection of the most common products we supply for industrial applications. Visit the Products page to see the full range.

Membranes / Diaphragms

Membranes / Diaphragms

Novotema specialises in moulding high quality diaphragms and membranes with very thin cross sections, to tight tolerances, in infinite sizes, shapes and custom configurations.

Elastomer materials

Below is a selection of the most common materials we supply to the industrial sector.
Material Code Hardness Operating Temperature Colour Approvals / Certification
EPDM 53 - 87 IRHD -60 to 288°C Black, white, blue FDA, USP, 3A, metal detectable
FEPM 75 - 93 IRHD -25 to 250°C Black
FFKM 64 - 90 IRHD -46 to 327°C Black, white, green, transparent FDA, USP, 3A, NORSOK, NACE, TOTAL, ISO 10423
FKM 58 - 95 IRHD -51 to 225°C Black, white, green, blue FDA, USP, 3A, NORSOK, NACE, TOTAL, ISO 10423, ISO 23936-2, API 6A, metal detectable
FVMQ 65 - 70 IRHD -55 to 225°C Blue
HNBR 70 - 92 IRHD -40 to 180°C Black FDA, 3A, NORSOK, NACE, TOTAL, ISO 10423, API 6A
NBR 57 - 90 IRHD -60 to 135°C Black, white FDA, 3A, metal detectable
VMQ 40 - 80 IRHD -60°C to 250°C Black, white, red, translucent FDA, USP, 3A, metal detectable

Services available

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