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Gas Control

Novotema boasts a decade of experience in producing high quality products for this market; valve seats/shutters, membranes and diaphragms designed specifically for gas control.

A breadth of expertise has led Novotema to develop unique manufacturing processes in order to produce high quality gas seals specific for this market. Careful preparation of the elastomer compound before moulding is performed internally to reduce impurities that can affect the quality of the final product.  

With a broad knowledge of gas control applications Novotema can advise you on the right solution in terms of seal geometry and elastomer material selection. Novotema mould components from a range of elastomer compounds that are certified to the EN549 normative for this industry.  

Safety is always a priority, so additional surface treatments are implemented to increase sealing performance, providing a uniform surface that improves contact with mating surfaces and reduces the potential for gas leaks.

Problems with sticking?

Often components such as valve seats/shutters can experience sticking which affects performance and can cause leakage.  Novotema can conduct preliminary tests to measure the stiction of elastomers to mating surfaces, in order to prevent this from occurring.

Surface treatments, including chlorination and plasma treatment, help to improve our gas sealing performance and reduce stiction on mating surfaces.


Contact us to discuss your gas control seal requirements.  Our experts are ready to help, ask us a question using the online chat.

Products for Gas Control

Below is a selection of the most common products we supply to the gas control industry. Visit the Products page to see the full range.

Elastomer materials

Below is a selection of the most common materials we supply to the gas control industry.
Material Code Hardness Operating Temperature Colour Approvals / Certification
FKM 60 - 80 Sh.A. 0 to 150°C Black, green EN549, ozone resistant
FVMQ 30 Sh.A. -20 to 100°C Blue EN549
HNBR 60 - 70 Sh.A. -20 to 125°C Black, yellow EN549, ozone resistant
NR 45 - 80 Sh.A. -20 to 80°C Black EN549, ozone resistant
VMQ 60 Sh.A. 0 to 150°C Red EN549

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