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Chemical Processing

The diversity of applications within the CPI industry presents a number of sealing challenges.

Chemical resistant seals are required wherever a gas or fluid is to be contained, transferred or excluded. Typically, CPI applications require elastomer seals and components that can cope with a wide range of aggressive media, plus extreme temperatures and pressures.

Novotema provide a wide variety of chemical sealing solutions and engineered components for pumps, valves, compressors and other associated equipment.

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High Performance Elastomer Materials

Seals and components can be moulded from an extensive range of elastomer materials, including unique high performance grades from our sister company Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) in the UK.

Technical Support

Our highly experienced team of engineers can work closely with you to co-design custom parts and solutions exactly suited to your application requirements. We can recommend specific elastomer materials to meet your process media and application parameters, in order to provide the ultimate performance, reliability and minimal downtime.

CPI Products

Below is a selection of the most common products we supply to the CPI industry. Visit the Products page to see the full range.

Gaskets / Frame Seals

Gaskets / Frame Seals

Gasket / frame seals fill the space between two or more mating surfaces, they can be moulded in infinite shapes and profiles to suit any geometry and application.

Elastomer materials

Below is a selection of the most common materials we supply for CPI applications.
Material Code Hardness Operating Temperature Colour Approvals / Certification
EPDM 75 - 87 IRHD -50 to 288°C Black, white FDA, USP, 3A, NACE
FEPM 75 IRHD -25 to 250°C Black
FFKM 70 - 86 IRHD -46 to 327°C Black, white, green FDA, USP, 3A, NACE, ISO 10423, NORSOK
FKM 58 - 78 IRHD -51 to 250°C Black, white FDA, USP, 3A, NACE, ISO 10423
FVMQ 65 IRHD -55 to 225°C

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