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With decades of experience to draw on, Novotema can provide the right compound to match any automotive sealing requirement. Our support spans over various sealing applications from some of the world’s  major automobile manufacturers.  

Novotemas’ team of engineers have encountered various sealing challenges within this industry. They have a broad knowledge of automotive sealing solutions, making them an effective source for consultancy and professional assistance on any sealing matter.

The automotive market relies heavily on effective sealing in critical locations. At Novotema, we believe that a thorough understanding of elastomer materials and behaviours is key to the development of optimum automotive seals.  That’s why we also specialise in the development of custom elastomer parts and products including gaskets and O-rings.

With a wealth of industry-specific knowledge behind us, our engineers are able to help you select the correct product sizes and materials for your application.

We develop unique compounds and custom components for more complex applications. Surface treatments can also be applied so you can expect prolonged lifecycle and performance of your sealing products.

Technical Support

The technical team at Novotema are able to conduct analytical studies and testing to determine the suitability of any sealing solution.  Using the application parameters, such as seal material and geometry, a FEM/FEA analysis can be performed to closely simulate the real-life situation.  

This procedure is often used to aid the development of new seal designs and select the optimum material compound to achieve the best results.

Quality Certified

Novotema is certified to ISO/TS 16949 for the manufacture of seals and rubber technical articles, including compounds, intended for the automotive supply chain. Our qualify certified range of material compounds includes a number that meet various automobile manufacturer’s specifications.

Get in touch today to find out how we can assist in your automotive application.

Automotive products

Novotema offers a range of moulded products for automotive applications. If you need a custom component we can design and manufacturer that too.

Elastomer materials for Automotive

New material formulations can be developed to meet your specification
Material Code Hardness Operating Temperature Colour Approvals / Certification
AEM 60 - 70 Sh.A. -30°C to 160°C Black Most major automobile manufacturers
EPDM 60 - 70 Sh.A. -50°C to 150°C Black Most major automobile manufacturers
FKM 60 - 80 Sh.A. -40°C to 230°C Black & Red Most major automobile manufacturers
NBR 60 - 75 Sh.A. -30°C to 100°C Black Most major automobile manufacturers

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