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Environment & Safety

Novotema operates in accordance with ethical principles and with respect to the environment, for the protection of health and safety in the workplace and to the outside.

In-depth initial environmental assessment has been carried out by  the Directorate General of Novotema.  This assessment of production activities carried out within the site identified the priority areas of intervention from which Novotema is committed to the following activities:

  • Maintaining efficient our Environmental Management System, applying all the requirements of EN ISO 14001:2004, and as described in the Environmental Management System Manual: make visible this policy to all exposing workers on company notice boards;
  • The continuous adaptation to the growing social and legislative requirements in the field of environmental protection, anticipating them where possible through appropriate planning of activities and initiatives in this area;
  • Periodically revise the targets and objectives for the continuous improvement of the management system;
  • Spreading within the company, knowledge of the issues of environmental protection and the related technical and organizational disciplines;
  • Promote and raise awareness of "responsibility" to all employees, to the prevention and protection of the environment producing information programs and staff training;
  • Make internal staff more responsible and conscious about the application of business rules relating to environmental protection;
  • Reduce, subject to the minimum requirements of the processes, water consumption, electric and natural fuels;
  • Reduce the use of potentially hazardous substances considered;
  • Seek and use alternative building materials which are respectful of the environment and human health.

For further information on our commitment to the environment and our products and services surrounding this, get in touch with our team of qualified engineers today.   

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Integrated Quality, Environmental & Safety Policy
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